“Vietnam is a place that we should check out!” said Carletto’s with his mouth full of our latest Carbonara, “I really want to try a good Pho!” continued Carletto. So that evening during and after dinner we started to check out the Map of Vietnam and understand how much of such vast country we could see in just 15 days. Of course we wanted to see everything and go everywhere but with two weeks on our hands that was impossible and a some key destinations are a must in this kind of situation.

We thought that as our first time in Vietnam the best way to start this tour was with some classic/must see places: Hanoi, Halong Bay, Hue, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh City and the Delta of Mekong. Those were our key destinations, must see places for any first timer visiting Vietnam, but doing our day counts we still had 4 days in our hands to spare and we wanted somewhere to chill on the sea side. The final choice was an island in the south part of Vietnam situated between Vietnam and Cambodia: Phu Quoc.

[flexiblemap address=”Hanoi, Vietnam” zoom=”14″ title=”Hanoi” width=”100%” description=”The Capital of Vietnam”]




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